Curriculum Requirements for the Bilingual Extension, Advanced Certificate

Major Requirements

Required Courses for Students in Education Programs at New York Tech Credits:
EDBL 603 Foundations I: Principles and practices in Bilingual Education 3
EDLI 634 Teaching Literacy in Bilingual Education 3
EDPC 630 Culturally Responsive Teaching 3
    Total: 9 Credits
Additional Courses for A.C. Credits:
EDBL 605 Teaching Content in the Bilingual/Multilingual Classroom 3
EDLA 638 Introduction to Linguistics for Bilingual and TESOL Education 3
    Total: 6 Credits
Total Required Credits = 15*

* Students enrolled in education programs at New York Institute of Technology may add nine (9) credits to their degree requirements to obtain the Advanced Certificate. Candidates who have degrees in education from other colleges or universities must complete 15 credit hours.