Curriculum Requirements for M.S. Early Childhood Education, Birth to Grade 2 (Initial/Professional)

Major Requirements

Pedagogical Core Credits:
EDPC 603 Foundations I: Philosophy and Technology of Education 3
EDPC 605 Curriculum Design and Development 3
EDPC 610 Foundations II: Diversity, Learning, and Technology in Education 3
EDPC 615 Human Growth, Development, and Learning 3
Technology Core Credits:
EDPC 664 Institutes in Education 3
Literacy Core Credits:
EDLI 635 Theory and Practice of Literacy Instruction 3
EDLI 636 Diagnosis and Remediation of Literacy Disorders 3
Content Core Credits:
EDLA 615 English Language Arts and Technology 3
EDSS 620 Social Studies and Technology 3
EDMA 625 Math, Science, and Technology I 3
EDSC 626 Math, Science, and Technology II 3
Student Teaching Credits:
EDPC 681 Supervised Student Teaching and Seminar 6
Total Program Credits for Initial/Professional Certification = 39

Upon completion of all NYS certification requirements, this program leads to a master's degree and eligibility for NYS Initial/Professional Certification in Early Childhood Education, Birth to Grade 2.