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Business Administration Essentials, Advanced Certificates

For potential leaders in industry that want to get M.B.A.-level knowledge and capabilities without needing to sit through prerequisites and courses that are not directly relevant to their career goals, this program will impart knowledge, leadership skills, and advanced capabilities while introducing concepts from our full M.B.A. program.

While some universities have created a mini M.B.A. program, the School of Management approach is one that differentiates us by integrating our Business Administration Essentials Advanced Certificate programs into our existing M.B.A. curriculum, allowing students to work their way through all four Advanced Certificates and complete a zero-credit seminar plus two additional elective courses to be awarded a full Master of Business Administration degree. Courses taken in the Marketing or Business Analytics Advanced Certificate programs can also count towards electives.

Students that have an undergraduate degree in business or other management discipline may enter the advanced certificate program having satisfied the prerequisites of the Advanced Certificate in Business Administration Primer.

The Advanced Certificate in Business Administration Essentials will appeal to students that may have taken an M.B.A. in the past and wish to either refresh their skills or gain skills that were not part of their M.B.A. at the time that they completed their degree. Business skills are in huge demand and for graduates that have completed Baccalaureate, Masters, or Doctoral level studies without engaging in M.B.A.-level training, and this program is ideal to gain both credit for the courses taken, leading to an Advanced Certificate, but also providing students to opportunity to continue on to the full M.B.A. if they choose.

The Business Administration: Primer advanced certificate program will introduce students from disciplines other than business to a broad range of business fundamentals. Students will take courses in accounting, economics, finance, statistics, and management. Upon successfully completing the program, students can transition to the New York Tech M.B.A. program or enroll in additional essentials advanced certificate programs focused on analytics, finances, or managerial leadership.

Educational and career objectives of the program
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of how organizations operate by engaging in appropriate business practices
  2. Develop relevant skills to understand, interpret and utilize business information
  3. Utilize resources to create value for an organization

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The Business Administration: Analytical Essentials program will introduce students to the analytical tools and decision support tools to equip them with skills necessary for effective managerial decisions. Students in this Advanced Certificate program will take courses in operations and supply chain, multi-criteria decision, enterprise resource planning, and business analytics and decision making.

Educational and career objectives of the program
  1. Evaluate, plan, and manage a global supply chain using data driven analytical skills
  2. Execute business strategies that are based on quantitative analysis of business data
  3. Design and develop corporate strategies to accomplish organizational objectives

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The Business Administration: Financial Essentials program will provide students with knowledge of financial statement analysis and the ability to solve financial problems and evaluate financial outcomes. Students in this Advanced Certificate program will take courses in managerial accounting, financial management, and managerial economics.

Educational and career objectives of the program
  1. Execute appropriate strategies based upon the financial situation of an organization
  2. Determine the need for projects, programs, and opportunities by examining financial data
  3. Plan, control, and budget for organizational projects to ensure effective use of resources in accomplishing organizational goals

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The Business Administration: Managerial Essentials advanced certificate program will introduce students to the best practices for operating in the business world with a focus on strategic planning and leadership. Students will take a strategic leadership capstone and courses in organizational behavior and strategic marketing and branding.

Educational and career objectives of the program
  1. Manage and lead agile organizations and establish achievable organizational objectives
  2. Empower managers to create and execute strategic market plans in the context of internal and external environments
  3. Design and develop senior level strategies to accomplish strategic objectives

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Persons interested in enrolling in an advanced certificate program must apply through the graduate admissions office and must (a) hold a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university and (b) show evidence of prerequisite competency in the certificate area either through completion of relevant undergraduate courses or through appropriate life experience. The latter is established through standard university procedures (portfolio, examination).

Applicants will be notified in writing of their acceptance to or rejection from the program.

Enrollment into the M.B.A. program

Students in an advanced certificate program who wish to matriculate in the M.B.A. program must follow the process outlined in this catalog. In most cases, students may apply courses completed in advanced certificate programs toward requirements for the M.B.A. degree.