Curriculum Requirements for the Master of Arts in UX/UI Design and Development

Major Requirements

Required Courses Credits:
ARTI 601 UX Design Foundations 3
ARTI 602 Human Computer Interaction Design 3
ARTI 603 User Interface and Prototyping Design 3
ARTI 604 UX/UI Design for VR/AR/MR 3
ARTI 605 Unity Design 3
ARTI 606 UX Research and Data Analytics 3
ARTI 607 Information Architecture and Content Strategy 3
ARTI 608 Usability and Testing 3
ARTP 802 Master's Project** 3
ELECTIVE Any graduate-level Department of Digital Art & Design or New York Tech courses that have not already been applied to a degree. Consult with advisor on all choices. 3
** ARTP 802 Master's Project is co-listed with ARTC 852 Thesis Proposal for those students transitioning into the M.F.A. Computer Graphics/Fine Arts and Technology or M.F.A. Computer Graphics/Graphic Design program. Thus, those students who have taken the Master's Project will not need to take Thesis Proposal.
Total Required Credits = 30