Graduate Assistantship

Each semester, a limited number of graduate assistantships are made available to graduate students through individual programs and offices. These graduate assistantships are available to full-time, fully matriculated graduate students. Each academic school or office selects from students applying to or already matriculated in a graduate program. High scholastic achievement and demonstration of professional competence as determined by course and/or life experience are criteria for the Graduate Assistantship Award. In exchange for hours worked, a student may obtain a tuition credit through the graduate assistantship program.

The Graduate Assistantship Award is available in increments of one credit, up to a maximum of six credits per semester. Students are expected to work a total of 50 hours per semester for each assistantship credit. Students may not work in excess of 20 hours per week, in accordance with regulations. Students who do not complete the requisite number of work hours will have their awards reduced proportionally.

Work as a graduate assistant involves professionally oriented experiences that contribute to a student's education. Graduate assistantships may be awarded in conjunction with other scholarships. Maximum assistantships, in conjunction with scholarships, discounts, and other financial awards, are not to exceed tuition charges. Scholarships and other awards are subject to proration depending on enrollment and are not applied toward credits that are covered with other aid or offered at a discounted rate. Students are not permitted to carry tuition waivers from one semester to another or from one year to another. All students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25, and first-semester students must have permission from their advisor. Students interested in becoming graduate assistants should contact their program directors. Additional information can be obtained from the Office of Academic Affairs at 516.686.7630.

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