Pre-Clinical Curriculum: Years 1–2

Major Requirements

YEAR ONE Credits:
CCC 500 Core Clinical Competencies Seminar I 0
COM 501 Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine* 15
COM 502 Principles and Practice of Osteopathic Medicine I 20.5
    Total: 35.5 Credits
* Students who do not achieve a passing score in the Osteopathic Medical Knowledge portion of COM 501 may be provided with the opportunity to participate in COM 503 Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine Enrichment. Upon successful completion of COM 503, students may request to retake COM 501 and upon passing, continue on to take COM 502.
YEAR TWO Credits:
COM 601 Principles and Practice of Osteopathic Medicine II 21
COM 602 Principles and Practice of Osteopathic Medicine III 17.5
BLS 601 Basic Life Support Seminar 0
SEM 601 Child Abuse Prevention Seminar 0
SEM 603 Infection Control Seminar 0
SEM 605 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Seminar 0
CCC 600 Core Clinical Competencies Seminar II 0
    Total: 38.5 Credits
Year 1–2 Elective Courses Credits:
LANG 601 Medical Spanish I 1
LANG 602 Medical Spanish II 1
    Total: 2 Credits

Total Required Course Credits for Pre-Clinical Curriculum = 74

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