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Minor in Literature and Culture

The Department of Humanities offers a Minor in Literature and Culture that will complement many majors across all schools.

While expanding students’ horizons through extensive reading and engagement in the historical and cultural contexts of written texts, this minor will allow students to develop key skills employers desire, such as critical thinking, analysis, cultural awareness, and written and oral communication. The designation of a Minor in Literature and Culture will be a mark of a well-rounded candidate with additional proficiencies.

The Minor in Literature and Culture consists of 15 credits and is open to students of all majors. In addition to taking one three-credit ICLT course to satisfy the General Education requirement, students in the minor take four more 300-level courses from among the Literature Core, one of which may be a creative writing course.

Students taking the Minor in Literature and Culture will be engaged beyond their major discipline in keeping with the learning goals of New York Institute of Technology:

  • Achieve proficiency in oral and written communication, critical analysis, and technological and information literacy
  • Integrate academic and co-curricular learning to explore concepts and questions that bridge disciplines, professions, and cultures
  • Formulate evidence-based and ethical courses of action or conclusions to address challenges and problems
  • Engage with, respond to, and reflect on political, social, environmental, and economic challenges at local, national, and global levels
  • Develop self-efficacy, professionalism, creativity, and an innovative spirit

The Minor in Literature and Culture will prepare students for long-term success by exposing them to traditions and issues in different cultures, training them to consider multiple perspectives, familiarizing them with narrative/storytelling conventions relevant to many industries (such as marketing, film-making, gaming, and social work), and improving their overall communication abilities.