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This Bachelor of Science in Physics program advances New York Tech’s mission of providing students a career-oriented professional education and promoting economic mobility. It will open up lucrative career options for graduates in the physical sciences and in booming fields like data science and quantitative finance, which prize the problem-solving and mathematical-modeling skills a Physics degree provides. The optional Quantum Informatics concentration will further train graduates to be uniquely competitive in the emerging area of quantum technology. Student interest in Physics is strong with students involved in research projects (ranging from astrophysics and string theory to quantum computing), and recently a group of students launched a Quantum Research Group for self-study in quantum computing and quantum information.

Program Objectives

  1. Students will develop analytical and critical thinking skills to analyze complex physical systems using the integrated core materials provided by the program.
  2. Students will develop skills to identify, formulate, articulate and solve problems in physics and in other quantitative fields like data science and finance.

International F-1 students who successfully complete this degree are eligible for an additional 24-month STEM OPT extension to work in the U.S. in an area directly related to their area of study immediately upon completing the customary 12-month post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT).

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This program follows our general admission requirements.

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