Curriculum Requirements for Technical Writing Certificate Program

Major Requirements

Foundation Class Credits:
FCWR 304 Communication for Technical Professions* 3
    Total: 3 Credits
* Although FCWR 304 is preferred, other professional writing courses are also acceptable.
Intermediate Level* Credits:
DGIM 101 Introduction to Digital Imaging 3
WRIT 366 Survey of Technical and Professional Document Production 3
    Total: 6 Credits
* Prerequisite: FCWR 304 or any Professional Writing Course
Advanced Level Credits:
WRIT 351 Advanced Technical Writing 3
WRIT 363 Writing for the Web 3
    Total: 6 Credits
Advanced Course (choose one of the following) Credits:
LITR 240 The Art of Prose: Scientific and Technical Literature 3
SPCH 205 Professional Speaking and Advanced Oral Communication 3
WRIT 220 Workshop in Publication 3
WRIT 355 Advanced Writing and Editing Techniques 3
WRIT 360 Seminar in Professional Writing 3
WRIT 415 Internship in Technical and Professional Writing 3
    Total: 3 Credits
Students seeking to earn a Certificate in Technical Writing are required to complete 18 credits of coursework in the technical writing/professional communications area. Students from any major can opt for the Technical Writing Certificate. It is also open to working professionals, who can take the classes on a part-time basis.


1) A student may earn up to three credits by challenging for life experience.

2) Those entering the program without sufficient technical background must take six additional credits in a technical area. Members of the faculty will determine what constitutes an appropriate background.

Total Required Credits = 18